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Pets outdoor protect pads

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Pets outdoor protect pads
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Comfortably protect your best friend's paws.

We love our dogs. They are our family. They are the most loyal animals in the world. They will follow us anywhere and we indeed take them everywhere. We wear foot-wear to protect our feet from abrasive surfaces, hot surfaces, sharp surfaces, and for grip on slick surfaces. There is some great foot-wear available for humans. What about our dogs' paws?

Dogs' paws are tougher than people's feet, but they are not indestructible. They can feel pain and suffer injuries. Next time you're tying your shoelaces to travel on tough terrain, consider giving your dog the same protection.

Until now it's been extremely rare to see a dog walking and running comfortably while wearing paw-wear. Boots and booties are designed for people's feet. Just because they work on people's feet doesn't mean they'll work on your dog's paws. Dogs' paws have different anatomy than people's feet. Dogs have different abilities than people do. Dog paw-wear must meet different requirements than human foot-wear in order to be comfortable. Clawgs are designed specifically for pawed animals.

Dogs walk naturally in Clawgs.

Concrete and asphalt, the main surfaces people walk and run on while wearing shoes, is abrasive compared to the dirt and grass that canine ancestors prowl. Clawgs are particularly helpful on the following surfaces:

  • Asphalt, concrete, and other abrasive surfaces
  • Hot surfaces - such as hot black asphalt
  • Sharp ice
  • Salted roads and sidewalks
  • Rocky trails
  • Slick surfaces - such as tile, linoleum, and wooden floors

A thin layer of protection and grip goes a long way for your dog's comfort.

 Your Dog Can Use It's Claws While Wearing Clawgs 

Clawgs most unique feature is the openings that allow your dog to use it's claws. Dogs use their claws often for grip and seem to be most comfortable when they have that ability. Also, Clawgs fit securely on dogs' paws, which helps them walk naturally. Basic dog boots are loose fitting, like clown shoes. Let their claws through and hold on to their paws!

Clawgs Stretch So Claws Can Spread

We want your dog to enjoy free range of motion while wearing Clawgs. That's why we use soft rubber and elastic fabric. Our goal is to enhance your dog's abilities without taking any abilities away.

Clawgs Are Thin And Flexible So Your Dog Can Get A Feel For The Ground

We've found that dogs don't like thick, stiff soles. They need to get a feel for the ground in order to walk normally. Clawgs thinness also allows your dog's claws contact the ground nearly the same as they would without Clawgs.

Clawgs Grip On Slick Surfaces

Dogs' paws aren't great at gripping on slick surfaces. Clawgs are particularly useful for working dogs sniffing airports or service dogs walking through grocery stores. If your dog is spending long periods of time on slick surfaces, you could do them a huge favor by giving them the power of grip on those surfaces.

Clawgs Are Breathable

Although dogs do not sweat to cool down, their paws do sweat -  particularly when it's hot outside. It's important that your dog's paw-wear does not hold moisture, which can cause irritation, blisters,  rashes, fungus and swelling.

If your dog goes through water, most of the water will drain through the front of Clawgs. The white fabric is a quick dry polyester blend similar to woman's swimsuit material or performance apparel. The fabric on top is dual layered, which makes it more durable and difficult for your dog to bite into.

The Elastic Leg Band Ensures That Clawgs Will Stay Attached

Half of Clawgs leg band is elastic and the other half uses an adjustable strap. If you properly tighten Clawgs around your dog's leg, it will stay on. 

Clawgs Open Completely Up, And They Do It Silently

Clawgs are easy to attach and remove using two G hooks. We experimented with every fastener we could find and are happy with the metal G hooks' effectiveness. Velcro is great on certain products, but we do not think it is ideal on dogs' paw-wear. When Velcro is muddy, it may not stick well. Plus the sound of Velcro ripping open can be stressful for dogs. We don't want any loud noises to be associated with Clawgs. Our goal is for attaching and removing Clawgs to be as stress free as possible for you and your dog.

Wrists And Ankles Have Free Range Of Motion


Below Clawgs' leg band is an area with only elastic, flexible fabric. Clawgs' sole can move in all directions under the leg band. Your dog's wrists and ankles will not be bound to a certain position or angle. Our objective is to have a thin layer of protection and comfort below your dog's wrists and ankles without impeding your dog's range of motion.

Clawgs Are Dew Claw Friendly

Many dogs have a dew claw, which grows higher on dogs' legs and does not contact the ground while dogs are standing. Clawgs' leg band rests just below the dew claw. No part of Clawgs will go on or over your dog's dew claws. ALL claws are exposed while wearing Clawgs. 

In rare cases, dogs have double dew claws. We recently tested Clawgs on a backer's beauceron. The Clawgs leg band fit under the lower dew claw and it appears that Clawgs will stay attached on double dew clawed dogs. However, we are concerned that the leg band may be irritating to the webbing under the lower dew claw. We think that rubbing the webbing under the dew claw is less irritating than straps going over dew and pressing dew claws against legs. Still the design could and should be better for our double dew clawed friends. We have some ideas to make a better fit for double dew clawed dogs in the future and look forward to making some specially designed Clawgs for them.

The Included Pouch Is A Great Way To Store Dirty Clawgs Between Uses

The pouch's cord can be tied to a leash, a belt loop, or a strap.

Clawgs Come in Multiple Sizes To Fit Even Our Tiniest Friends

Note that our little friend's legs are too skinny for the strap and strap length adjuster, so we made them with a hook and multiple loops to fit various leg circumferences.

We are confident that your dog will fit in Clawgs. Please let us know if they don't! We are determined to make Clawgs that'll fit every dog.

Don't worry about finding the size that fits your dog right now. After our campaign ends, we'll send a survey with our sizing guide to find out your dog's size.

Clawgs Come In Packs Of Two

Clawgs come in packs of two for a couple reasons. One reason is sometimes dogs' front paws and back paws are different sizes. Another reason is some people may only feel the need to put Clawgs on their dog's front paws OR back paws. For instance, a dog owner may notice that their dog's front paws get scuffed up when going downhill on trails but their back paws always seem fine. Other people may feel that all four paws need Clawgs - for instance on hot pavement or icy / salty roads. We trust dog owners to do what's best for their dogs.

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